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We are DFVU, an e-commerce company with more than 5 years of experience. Having delivered 250.000+ packages, we are proud to say we are one of the biggest online stores in Slovenia.

From ideas to realization

Our brands


We offer a wide variety of products to customers in 17 different countries.


Our premium brand of sportswear and sports equipment for women.


Trendy, popular and affordable sunglasses and swimwear. More than 180 unique, branded pieces for both women and men.


Natural tanning products made from carefully selected, high-quality ingredients. Loved by women worldwide.


Unique bracelets, wallets and watches. Made from high quality materials and made to last.


When it comes to kitchenware, Nostimo is definitely one of the brands you should be considering.

What we do

We create more than just products - we create experiences.

At DFVU we are creators. Optimists. Fearless warriors. Unstoppable in our evolving and comittment. We truly believe that if you are open to a change, you can do everything. If we had to choose one slogan that describes us most, it would most definetly be: Whatever it takes. Now that you know where our minds are at, we would like to take you on a journey.

Our slogan

Whatever it takes.

What we strive for

Our vision

Our vision is to establish as a leading seller and brand developer globally, giving our customers the best online shopping experience possible while maintaining our family business values no matter the team growth.

Working with purpose: Life is all about experiences, and we believe we can, and we are making an impact in people’s lives by giving them a pleasant shopping experience. That gives our work meaning.

What we believe in

Our values

What makes us proud

We donate to many different causes

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Our newest project


Because we’re experts in e-commerce, we want to help offer our solutions to the world. One such solution is CartFox, a web app that helps online stores recover abandoned carts.

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