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Designed in Slovenia

Loved across Europe

Our sunglasses have become the top choice of customers all across Europe. Our goals is to make you feel amazing when you “lay on your sunnies“.

Unveling perfection

Experience matters

Let your customers experience the joy of quality and style from the moment they open the box.

Focused on what people want


UV protection & Glare reduction

UV protection shields your eyes from harmful rays, while our glare-reduction technology allows you to experience the world with enhanced clarity. 

Polarized models

Engineered to eliminate glare and enhance contrast, our polarized lenses provide a crisp, more vivid view.

1 Size fits all

Layoners’ “1 Size Fits All” sunglasses are the perfect addition to your retail collection. Designed for universal comfort and style, they effortlessly appeal to a diverse customer base.

Premium, extra durable material

Crafted from premium, extra-durable materials, ensuring they withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining their stylish appearance.

Collaborations across EU

Loved by influencers

Seen by millions across Europe.

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